HOT TOOLS Professional Lightweight Mini Travel Hair Dryer


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On a trip or at the gym-now there’s no reason your hair can’t look perfect wherever you are. This tiny but mighty tool offers lots of power to dry and style your hair, yet takes up minimal real estate in your bag or suitcase. No more sad hotel dryer blowouts.

With this ionic travel dryer, your hair can be salon-gorgeous anywhere you go! Why Ionic? Negative ionic molecules break down the water molecules on your hair. So the heat and force of the airflow combined with the water molecule reduction action to speed up the drying action. Negative ions also maintain a neutral charge on the surface of the hair, which prevents hair from becoming dry or frizzy.

With Hot Tools’ Ionic Technology, you’ll see a remarkable difference in your hair’s condition and texture. Stash and Go When it comes to travel, it’s all about weight and size-the lighter and smaller, the better. The Hot Tools Ionic Travel Dryer weighs in at less than 10 ounces, so you¿ll barely feel it in your luggage, bag or in your hands when blow drying. What’s more, you can fold up the already-diminutive tool and tuck it into its own little drawstring bag for easy transport.Brand StoryHot Tools Professional is a reliable brand that?s been winning awards for over 25 years, creating superior, stylist preferred styling tools that consist of innovation in every way.


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