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Roth's Choice 70, an affiliate of iTech 361, is a Wholesale Closeout Distributor who sells name brand health and beauty products from companies like Revlon, Vidal Sassoon, Dr. Scholl's, Sunbeam, Helen of Troy, HOT TOOLS, Conair, Flawless, and others. Roth's Choice 70 sells to discount department stores all over the nation.

iTech 361 makes a wide variety of high-tech, durable items, with high-reliability electronic components such as cell phone chargers, headphones, power banks, QI chargers, LED lights, and other novelty items. With the recent global pandemic, iTech 361 also adapted to the market's need for PPE equipment and started making hand sanitizer and masks which sells to convenience stores and retail stores nationwide.

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Wholesaler serving Santa Monica, CA - we supply stores globally

You have plenty of choices for wholesale phone accessories and beauty products, so why should you choose us? iTech 361 sells high-quality, heavy-duty PPE products, novelty items and more at affordable prices. We're a wholesaler serving Santa Monica, CA, but we supply stores all across the globe.

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All of our wholesale phone accessories, novelty items, beauty supplies and PPE products are made of sturdy materials and tested thoroughly. They are:

Highly regulated

When you need wholesale beauty products, you should call us first. Reach out today to learn more about what makes our products the perfect fit for your store.

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Stores all across the globe depend on us to stock their shelves with 361™ brand and affiliate products. Here are just a few of our retail partners: